Glad to have you here!

Hey there! Welcome to my blog. I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts on technology and startups with all of you.

Who I am

I'm Jeff, a startup technologist without the B.S. I care about building things that bring legitamite good to the world, nothing more and nothing less. I recently moved to SF to work as an engineer for Spark, an open source OS for the internet of things. Before Spark I was a technology consultant for Deloitte Digital and graduate of Northwestern University.

What this blog will be

There's a million technology/startup blogs out there, I know that. As much as possible, I want to use this space to explore the raw realities of this incredibly fast-moving industry--peeling back layers of insignificance to reveal the true meaning of the work that technologists do. Some posts may include code blocks and technical speak, others may be long-winded personal and emotional narratives. But rest assured my primary goal is to create meaningful discussions around topics that matter.

What this blog won't be

You won't find the typical Bay area tech ego here. I make mistakes often and am comfortable expressing my vulnerability and desire to learn from errors. Don't expect an extremely narrow field of vision either. I'm excited by my work and the potential to use technology to solve big problems, but it doesn't entirely define who I am. If there's something I find fascinating, something that has a heartbeat that might resonate with others, I'm open to writing about it.

Many thanks for stopping by and checking it out. Always feel free to contact me if it strikes your fancy:

Jeff Eiden
Jeff Eiden

What can we build together? I'm Jeff Eiden, and I create products with web technology that improve the quality of our lives. Currently, I work as a software engineer for Spark in San Francisco.